Old Vs New

Discover why buying an Urban Life home could save you more than you think!

10 Reasons to Buy a New Build Home

It’s brand new

No one has lived here before, no one has used the appliances or the shower, made marks on the carpet or little holes in the wall. There’s nothing to clean because everything is brand new.

Higher specification

Old houses may mean old components. Urban Life homes have a higher specification than older properties. Luxury fitted kitchens, stylish bathrooms, energy efficient heating systems, excellent wall and roof insulation and double glazed windows are standard.

Safe as ‘New’ Houses

Urban Life are built to modern building standards and regulations. Fire safety systems and integrated smoke alarms are standard features, giving you peace of mind and a safer living environment.

Go Green

New homes are far more efficient than older properties. With better insulation and more efficient boilers and appliances, Urban Life homes are built with the environmental in mind which also leads to lower heating and hot water bills.

Low Maintenance

New home have the latest and greatest materials that technology can offer. New homes are virtually maintenance free for many years.

Make it your own

It’s a blank canvas. You can start from scratch. When you first buy an older home, it comes with someone else’s choices taking years of saving to make it your own home.

Peace of Mind

Urban Life homes come with a 10 year Structural Warrantee with one of the leading insurance providers.

Modern Living

Urban Life homes are built with modern living in mind, whether it’s open plan for all the family to be together, utility rooms to hide the appliances, an en-suite you just couldn’t live without or a down stairs toilet as standard.

New Home, New Friends

With a new home you get new neighbours, within a new neighbourhood. You are all getting to know the area together building a new community.
Sometimes, with an older community it can be harder to get to know your new neighbours.

That New Home Feel

There is no place like home. Create your dream house, not live in someone else’s.